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Initial Release

Nov. 7, 2015

The initial VSDBTestExtensions was released today. This does not have a version number yet, but will get a version number as soon as the first phase of development is complete.

Visual Studio Database Test Extensions

Visual Studio Database Test Extensions makes Visual Studio database test projects a little bit better, making it easier to compare result sets. This is very helpful when refactoring code, testing different versions of procedures for performance problems, or testing procedures on databases in which the underlying data changes regularly and you can’t hard-code scalar values or use the sadly terrible checksum test option.

Screen Shots

Click each of the screenshots for a larger image.

New database unit test options. VSDBTestExtensions gives you new test options, including data comparison, schema comparison, and row count comparison for result sets.

Result Set selection options. You get the option of specifying which result sets to test. This is perfect for comparing a procedure against a known data set, and lets you ignore certain result sets altogether.