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You've read through the presentations, tried out the GitHub repos, and watched the YouTube videos. Now let us get to work on your data, solving your problems.

Whether you're in need of a brief consultation, building a greenfield application, or patching up a legacy database, we have the skills you need to relieve your biggest pain points.

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Level up your teams' data skills with Catallaxy Services. We cover the broad data platform spectrum, from SQL Server development and administration to Big Data, Data Science and Machine Learning, data visualization, and more.

SQL Server Administration and Development
Big Data: Hadoop, Spark, and more
Machine Learning: R and Python
Data Visualization
Functional Programming: F# and Scala

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Catallaxy Services is a privately-owned firm located in Durham, North Carolina. Established in 2012, we provide specialized training in the data platform space, focusing on SQL Server database administration and development, data science (with R or Python), and Big Data technologies.

Kevin Feasel

Road Warrior

Kevin Feasel has worked as an application developer, database administrator, database engineer, manager of a predictive analytics team, and CTO of a startup.

He specializes in data analytics with T-SQL and R, forcing Spark clusters to do his bidding, fighting with Kafka, and pulling rabbits out of hats on demand.

Kevin is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP based on his community efforts. Kevin has presented at over 100 SQL Saturdays across the world, has delivered a pre-conference training at PASS Summit, and has spoken at conferences like PASS Summit, NDC (Oslo and Sydney), Music City Tech, Datagrillen, Open F#, and IT/DevConnections. He is also President of the Triangle SQL Server Users Group (TriPASS) in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina and a co-organizer of the Triangle .NET Users Group (TriNUG).

A resident of Durham, North Carolina, he can be found cycling the trails along the triangle whenever the weather's nice enough.

What is the Catallaxy?

The Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises brought the term Catallactics into some use, having found the term "economics" too limiting and outright incorrect.

From there, Nobel laureate FA Hayek expanded on this, noting in several of his works that the term "catallaxy" comes from an ancient Greek word which means "to exchange," "to admit in the community," and even "to turn an enemy into a friend." This is the nature of any open system, according to Hayek.

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